Pest Control – Prevention And Treatment Tips

Bed bugs are tiny insects that tend to infest residential and commercial establishments. Many homeowners will shy away from telling anyone about their infestation, because they are ashamed and feel dirty. No one should be ashamed, if they find themselves in this situation. Instead, they should immediately get to work, eradicating the infestation before it becomes a full-blown issue and spreads throughout the community.

Clean House

Most households are made up of 3 to 4 members, which makes it extremely difficult to keep the home spotless. However, it is crucial to rid the home of unwanted stuffed animals, clothing, and furniture with upholstery constructed out of fabric. Bedbugs will crawl into the tiniest crevice apest-control-houstonnd remain there until they are ready to feed. This is also where they return to after feeding and lay their eggs. One adult female bedbug can product up to 200 eggs within their lifespan. When you consider the fact that an infestation may contain hundreds, if not thousands of females, especially is severe cases. By removing these above items, you will be reducing the number of places that the insects can hide out.

Pest Management Professionals 

Most people are not familiar with bedbugs, their behavior, feeding habits, or treatment options. Relying on a pest control company in Houston TX may be your best option. Most households within the United States earn less than the median income in the area. Extermination services is costly, but when you consider the fact that over-the-counter insecticides are not as strong as commercial –grade insecticides. What this basically means is it may take several treatments to eradicate every bedbug in your home. This is not to even mention the fact that you may need to take several days off work, just to complete the treatment process.

Nocturnal Behavior

Bedbugs can drive people crazy, because they often exhibit nocturnal behavior. These insects are active at night, when most members of the family are sleeping. This is also when they feed on blood meals from humans and pets. However, if there are bed-confined seniors living in your home, the bedbugs may also mimic their sleeping habits. In this case they will be active and feed during the daylight hours. When the family members catch onto the insects’ behavior and normal activities, they will begin to avoid going to sleep. When the bedbug feeds, they will stick their feeding tube into the host’s skin, leaving a small bug bite. Bug bites will oftentimes become inflamed, itchy, and edematous.

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